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About the game

Soldiers Are Dreamers is an interactive entertainment experience created as part of the first arc of Pause:Continue by Peter Willington. It is a very short title and it may be worth listening to those shows before giving it a go, for perspective on what the project was aiming for.

I'm fascinated to hear what you think of it and your opinion on what narrative is being told.

If you are interested in providing direct feedback or have a question, do please let me know by contacting me on xero at inretrospectpodcast dot com.

Please note: there may be audio issues, depending on your version of Windows.

Credits for Soldiers Are Dreamers

My thanks to Giovanni Albani for assisting me with his wonderful game engine Adventure Maker. My thanks too to Laurie Reynolds for allowing me to use a landscape of his, to Liam for his photographic contribution and to Siegfried Sassoon for being a truly inspiring poet.

Reviews and Articles

… will be linked to here. All pieces I'm provided will be linked, regardless of opinion. If yours is not featured here, please contact me on the above email address.

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Published Apr 06, 2015